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At Bùa, we believe a balanced and considered life leads to better performance and better health. 


Across the last 15 years, of working in defence, healthcare and health & wellness, we have been able to develop our method to help optimise health, wellbeing and performance for today's fast-paced and demanding world. 


Our holistic health coaching model looks at all the key elements of health, wellness and performance and blends these findings with expert knowledge of physiology and prevention to create an objective and effective program for sustainable change. 


We aim to create for each individual, a proactive rather than reactive lifestyle and hope to cultivate healthy habits that improve both your mind and body's wellbeing. 



I would not be competing in international sport this summer without the support of Studio Bùa, thoroughly recommend a visit"

I walked through the door hoping to fix my doggy shoulder ... but I've ended up doing so much more.

I cannot recommend Niki highly enough. Hands-on sessions were not required and the virtual consultations were perfect..




Bùa originates from an old Norse word which means to be ready, to be prepared. This is the vision and mindset that creates the foundations of Studio Bùa Wellness. 


In 2016, UK trained Physiotherapist Niki Doyle, created Studio Bùa after 15 years of educating and guiding others back to health in many different roles such as a PT, Physio, Masseuse, Pilates / Yoga teacher and Military rehabilitation course facilitator. 


She aimed to get ahead of the curve for people, to take all the knowledge and experience of those 15 years and share it with the curious, health-conscious individuals who wanted and needed guidance it to truly feel at home and in control of their bodies and their wellbeing.

Buafulosophy starts by building sound foundations from inside out. Ensuring to address the basics of sleep & recovery, hydration & nutrition, physical and mental energy and physical activities and general health are all covered. 

Niki has a vast experience base from working with everyday desk warriors to AFL athletes, Crossfit competitors to band musicians, Special Forces operatives to nervous new mums. There is no one box that she fits in, so welcomes all people and their bodies no matter what background or fitness level, to come and learn and unlock their unrealised potential. 

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