Ask away?

Do you need to be fit to do Pilates?

No. Clinical Pilates exercises and intensity are adapted for all levels of fitness and abilities. Pilates really is for everyone and everybody!


What should I wear?

Comfortable, non-restrictive clothing is best for your 1-2-1 and group sessions, layers are handy for the relaxation and warm-up sections of the classes.

For the Physiotherapy assessment sessions, we ask you to bring shorts and wear suitable undergarments as a requirement to undress for observation may be needed.   

Who will be teaching me?

Niki, the owner and clinical lead at Studio Bùa Wellness has over 20 years experience in the health and wellness sector. She has specialised for the last 9 years in Musculoskeletal & Sports Exercise Medicine Physiotherapy and holds a Clinical Pilates certification from APPI

For the past 6 years, Niki has been supporting the British Military in a number of their world-class rehabilitation establishments. Working with a mixture of personnel from the admin, drivers, pilots, dog handlers all the way to Special forces operatives. She has helped those injured in battle who need 1-2-1 support to get back on their feet at the newly built DMRC Stanford Hall hospital in Loughborough and has traveled the length and breath of the Uk and spent time over in Germany being the clinical consult for the military's intensive 3-week rehabilitation courses.



Do you run group classes?

Yes we do! Zoom, in-person and small group (max 4) at home classes are also available on request. Sufficient space and suitable location for social distancing is required, for further information about this please get in touch.   


Do you accept private medical insurance clients?

Yes. However, prior to sessions, payment must be made in full and invoices for each session will be sent directly to you and you must request reimbursement from your insurance provider. Please check prior to attending if your policy allows this. 

How do I pay and book? 

Once your initial screening session has taken place you will be advised of availability and suitability for sessions. You will then either pay via Paypal or BACS for your selected package.