What is Physio?


Physiotherapy officially speaking is a research-based healthcare profession that aims to restore your movement and functional ability. It is an independent profession where practitioners make their own treatment decisions and clinical judgements.


At Studio Bùa Wellness, we tend to think about it as a profession that ensures longevity in our bodies abilities. 


Think of it as a body pension. Why would you keep putting all this money away each month to be left in your later years with a body that's good for nothing, right? It makes no sense. 


We focus and specialise in proactive, preventive Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Rehab.


We are highly experienced, friendly and effective in the assessment, treatment, and management of both acute and chronic Musculoskeletal and Sports Injuries. 


Our Physiotherapist takes a holistic approach when completing both assessments and training sessions to ensure we remedy the cause and not just treat the symptoms. 

Active Senior Couple
Wellness Coach

How we treat you

Movement Education is key!
But we do also use the interventions listed below. 
Manual therapy
  • Joint mobilisation and manipulation

  • Trigger pointing

  • PNF stretching

  • ART (Active Release Therapy) a soft tissue system/movement-based massage technique

  • Ergonomic / home working assessment and advice

  • Remedial massage – ideal for removing tension and deep relaxation. 

Exercise-based treatment
  • Rehabilitation Pilates where the Physiotherapist prescribes individually designed rehabilitation programs specific to your needs

  • Sport-specific strength and conditioning for injury rehabilitation and prevention

  • Online home exercise plans