Pilates Intro. 


At Studio Bùa, we deliver The Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute method. APPI Pilates has been designed by Physiotherapist’s, specifically for the Clinical Pilates teacher. 


The APPI method provides 4-6 levels for each of the classic Pilates movements ensuring suitability and accessibility for all.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is a whole-body exercise method, designed around a set of 8 principles, which aims to centre and strengthen both mind and body.

Reformer Pilates 

Reformer sessions are designed to improve strength, posture, tone, balance, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. The reformer is a spring resistance-based piece of equipment that provides assistance and resistance all at the same time.

Newborn Baby

Ante and Post Natal Pilates 


Pilates offers a perfect form of exercise for during and after your pregnancy for both you and baby. These sessions will help to maintain and improve the tone of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles without causing any stress to your joints or lower back. 


​Specific Pilates exercises are suitable to be continued right up till the birth, however the pace and positioning will need adjusting as you and your baby grows.  

We offer adapted, focused and suitably challenging sessions in both Matwork and Reformer Pilates for all our pregnant ladies.

If you are new to Pilates we recommend you start your pre natal regime once you’ve passed 13 week point and post natal sessions may begin as early as 6 weeks, given that you have received the go-ahead from your GP. 

Clinical Pilates 


Studio Bùa takes a multi-dimensional approach to Physiotherapy that aims to prevent, remedy, maintain and enhance your movement, function and fitness.


We treat everything from sprains and strains to conditions such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, hyper-mobility and arthritis. 

Many types of back and spinal pain are common in today's modern society. Around 80% of the UK population suffers from spinal pain in their lifetime. People often develop ongoing back pain and stiffness as a result of not getting the right treatment or advice in the early stages of the injury. 

You may be wishing to regain confidence in movement or quite simply, the freedom to be pain-free in your daily life. 


We expertly design bespoke programmes that best suit your needs and recovery.

We take our vast exercise knowledge and select the ideal movements from strength & conditioning, Pilates and Yoga exercise to deliver a truly holistic solution. 

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