August 2, 2017

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September 11, 2017

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August 2, 2017



This month I wanted to increase you love for nourishment and plant based produce. My reasoning for this is to aim to increase sustainability and decrease food waste within the UK. This also will help decrease the need for out of season imported goods from foreign countries and the environmental pollution this creates.


By trying to eating plant based foods that are ripe and in season right now can go a long way and they can also do wonders for the body and complexion. Foods such as – APPLES*, RUNNER BEANS, BEETROOTS*, CABBAGE, CARROTS*, CELERY, COURGETTES*, CUCUMBER*, LETTUCE, MARROWS, PEAS, PLUMS, RASPBERRIES, SPINACH*, STRAWBERRIES*, SWEETCORN, TOMATOES* are August's best buys. Try and remember to buy fresh and shop locally to support your communities and small business.  




Here are a few body benefits from munching on seasonal produce.


APPLES – “an apple a day!” Apples are a great anti-inflammatory, full of fibre and anti-aging ingredient quercetin. The copper found in apples helps to produce melanin which is needed in the skin to protect you from harmful rays. Vitamin C content in apples helps to keep the immune system fighting hard against bugs and infections as we head from summer in to the autumn season ahead.  


BEETROOT – These little roots have for centuries been used for their liver-healing properties. They contained a soluble fibre known as pectin which helps flush out the internal system and kick start the lymphatic system which speeds up recovery and rehydration.  


CARROTS – Carrots are one of the richest sources of beta-carotene which helps aid cellular turnover and the conversion of vitamin A in the body that is needed for sight, skin repair and it also acts as your internal sun protection. Vitamin C helps the production of the collagen cells needed for skin and tissue elasticity and maintenance.


COURGETTES – Did you know a 150g serving of courgette can account for nearly 40% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C and deliver over a gram of dietary fibre, which is great for a health and efficiency of the digestive system. Courgettes are a great staple for any diet in the summer months as they rehydrate the body due their approximate 90% water content and also have properties to aid in the breaking down and regulating blood sugar levels, which is fab news for Diabetics.


CUCUMBER –Deliver 95% percent hydration! What a giver, I hear you cry. Cucumbers act like and internal cleanser for the body. They reduce inflammation, reduce acid reflux, reduce constipation and produce a alkaline environment within the gut. For the slightly more experianced of us out there they also packed full of antioxidants that combat free radical damage that causes signs of ageing ( AKA Experience).


SPINACH – "The iron and protein loaded chomp of champions!" Spinach is one of the healthiest foods on the market. It speeds up cell repair and haemoglobin flow, while vitamin and nutrient distribution takes place within the body. Vitamin K which is found in spinach helps to reduce inflammation, enhances blood circulation and the high water content of this green helps to boost and maintain hydration levels.


STRAWBERRIES – These are great little treats! both in reducing inflammation and improving the complexion of your skin. Known as the collagen boosting berry, the folate found in strawberry’s speeds up cell regeneration and the production of new cells anding in healing and recovery of skin cells. The high vitamin C content prevents free radical skin damage and preserves collagen in the skin. Being packed full of natural fibre they also aid digestion and improve detoxification within the body.  


TOMATOES –  A rich source of A, K and B-complex vitamins, High in minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium. This blend of minerals and vitamins aid the body’s natural detoxification process which helps the gut and skin health no end. Lycopene is the pigment found in the skin of a tomato and this also helps the skins natural UV protection and is a great antioxidant.    


Shop well, eat in season and nibble for nourishment. Health is self made. 



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