“Niki is a fantastic Physiotherapist, that fully understands how to get the best out of her patients. The attention to detail along with excellent personal skills make for a first-rate treatment package. I now feel much stronger and confident that I can eventually move forward to achieving my training goals after years of suffering from injuries Thank you! 



"I have been to a few Physio's in my time but nobody is better than Studio Bùa. Niki's knowledge is amazing and she is able to make the rehab both challenging and enjoyable whilst motivating you to not miss a single exercise. I would not be competing in international sport this summer without the support of Studio Bùa, thoroughly recommend a visit"


Niki at Studio Bua has educated and encouraged me to change the way that I train and nourish myself. I have had one to one Pilates Reformer sessions with her which have chiefly helped my hip mobility and pelvic stability. I would recommend both Niki's thorough understanding of the human body and psychology as well as the Reformer itself which is a deceptively clever piece of kit. Thank you, Niki, for helping me so much.



I walked through the door hoping to fix my doggy shoulder ... but I've ended up doing so much more. I did relatively well postpartum, but since returning to sitting at a desk full time and taking some time off from training over the autumn and winter, I started falling to pieces. I am so grateful to Niki for everything she's done so far and for giving me the courage to go right back to basics to rebuild my foundations.



I was previously seeing Niki for an elbow issue which she was in the process of sorting out and it was resolving well. I had since moved overseas so we were continuing the sessions and consultations online. When Niki called for a weekly session on the elbow and I was actually laid up on the sofa with a back spasm, I couldn’t move and as usually is the case at least 7 days until I could gain full mobility and at least 2 weeks until I could be back in the gym.


We spent some time immediately going through some tests and stretches via skype and continued for the following few days. By day 3 I was back to work, the sessions Niki did were amazing and really accelerated my recovery. I cannot recommend Niki highly enough. Hands-on sessions were not required and the virtual consultations were perfect.